Hailing from Guadeloupe, the founder spent a part of his formative years helping his mother and grandmothers in the kitchen. From these shared moments, he was able to learn their Caribbean recipes.

Living in London for over 8 years, Sam travels extensively around the world, discovering the cuisines of all cultures. His travels have only increased his culinary interests.

Initially, he only cooked for personal pleasure. Nostalgia for his homeland would result in recreating dishes he learned from his mother and grandmothers. He also enjoyed experimenting with ingredients and skills he had discovered from his travels. This developed into a style of Caribbean fusion.

Encouraged by friends and family, he decided to follow his passion; hence, SamKanKook was born.

The goal is to introduce the cuisine of the ‘sixth continent’ to the world. The unique, diverse and traditional culture of the Caribbean, has led locals to petition for it to become the ‘sixth continent’. It is unlike any other, and SamKanKook is a celebration of his home. It is in honour of his mother and grandmothers’ efforts to ensure he carries the culinary culture of his country worldwide.

Now, SamKanKook is a collective of people who aim to bring you a home cooked meal with a creative, fine dining experience.