Menu Ti Moon

The right spelling is Ti moun, translates Little Children, from the Guadeloupean creole. In this menu probably Sam’s favourite treat as a child.

Menu Vwayajé

Sam loves travelling as much as he loves to cook. He has been to over 40 cities all around the world. Whenever he can, he tries to meet with the chef of the place he is eating to. A nod to the beautiful souls he met in Singapore, Rennes and Roma.

Menu Campeche

This is where Sam spent most of his Wednesday afternoon or Saturday morning as a kid. A small village where was located the family farm. Plant yam, harvest ladyfinger, tomatoes or salad, pick mango, play between cow and poultry. This menu could be made without leaving “Campeche”.

Menu Zouk

Zouk is a musical style originating from the Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique and popularised by the French Antillean band Kassav’ in the 1980s. This menu is a small playlist, each dish name is inspired from the zouk culture. While waiting for tasting these vegan creations, you should listen to them.

Menu Madras

Madras, a lightweight cotton fabric with typically colourful patterned texture and plaid design. It is the traditional fabric of the Guadeloupe Islands. The colourful plates aim to help you picturing not only Sam’s Grand Mothers white and madras dresses but also have a taste of their cuisine.

Menu Souffleur

Anse du Souffleur is a beach of the city named Port-Louis, where Sam grew up in. This harbor city was one of the first sugar ports of Guadeloupe Islands. In the 19th century, the Domaine de Beauport was the most important sugar factories. While travelling in Japan, a country he loves so much, Sam miss like never before his sweet Port-Louis. Nostalgia for his homeland would result this menu paying tribute to Port-Louis and Japan.